Metropolitan Community Church
of Las Vegas
1140 Almond Tree Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone: 702-369-4380

Sunday Services
9 & 11 AM

Hospitality Hour 
Rainbow Room Ste 303 Every Sunday between Services

Ministry Staff

Senior Pastor:
Rev. Robert Fleming

Associate Pastor:
Rev. David Gillentine

Music Ministry Director
Ms. Dolly Coulter

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Our Worship Services

Our congregation is made up of people from all walks of life - without regards to age, gender, gender-identity, race, orientation, and abilities -- all participate in our experience of worship.  We believe in the "priesthood of all believers", which means each of us have different gifts that can build up and give strength to those who come to service.  It is not just 'clergy' who are leaders in the church, but every day individuals, as well. What binds us together as a church is the idea that we are all welcome at Godís table and a willingness to journey together in open dialogue. 

MCC believes in the equality of all people and we promote inclusive language that enhances and extends our understanding of God's many names, the nature and description of God to encompass a broader understanding and a more intimate relationship with God.  Wherever possible, song verses and Scripture have been made inclusive. Many times, we will use non-gendered pronouns in reference to humanity. 
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We have something for everyone.

Many components of our worship services may be familiar to you. Many of our worship services, including special services, will feature singing, prayer, taking an offering, sermon and plus, we offer communion every week.

Many mainline churches offer communion only quarterly or once a month, however, we want to make sure anyone who walks in our doors for church, has an opportunity to receive communion at every service.  Not only that, our communion table is open to everyone. There are no requirements or limitations. God welcomes all with open arms, and so do we!

During communion, we use wafers and grape juice to celebrate communion, as the representation of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Also,  we have individuals who can pray a small blessing for you to the sides of the platform, if you so choose to do so.

Most Sundays, we have two morning services, at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.  They will have the same sermon, however the styles of worship singing and other aspects are different.

The early morning service at 9 AM is geared toward a more traditional style. It offers familiar hymns and praise choruses, along with responsive readings and prayers.  Also, it features special ministry through song or musicians from our church, or our Joyful Morning Choir sings. 

Our 11 AM New Song Service, features a three-piece professional band, and worship singers, with more up-tempo songs that may be more familiar if you are just experiencing church for the first time. We have songs that are rewritten and transformed from popular culture to include songs from Lady Gaga, Eagles, Reba McIntire and Pointer Sisters, to make them unique and glorifying to God and uplifting to our souls. In both Sunday services, we strive to have a welcoming, refreshing and relaxed environment.

On holidays or special services, we'll have only one service, but will advertise those in advance.  See our Events Page
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