You  might have heard, "All you need is love."  Well, we are here to tell you, our church has all the love you need. 

We are Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of Las Vegas, and we have been in the city since 1979. Our church is an open and affirming congregation, made up of all individuals, no matter your gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, relationship status, color, ability, or eye color. All are welcome.  MCC continues to meet together because we  teach and practice unconditional love, inclusivity and desire for a transformational change. 

Here in Nevada, many churches "may allow" gay & lesbian people in their congregation, however, they also may require certain things not to happen, for someone to stay in their church. However, Metropolitan Community Church was the FIRST church to reach out to the gay & lesbian community back in 1968, fifty-years ago!  Our church denomination was started by the Rev. Troy Perry in his apartment in Huntington Park, California. Since then,   MCC has grown to be a global ministry in over 40 countries. Every single MCC congregation is an open, affirming, accepting, and loving church family.

Locally, our church has been a vital part of the Las Vegas Community for over 39 years. Our church believes that the Love of God can reach into the heart of all people. We believe that Jesus Christ is the revelation of God's Love to "Whosoever".* (John 3:16)
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We understand that it may be uncomfortable to try out a something new, especially a church, a spiritual community, for the first time. So please know that you are not be alone. We have new visitors every Sunday. We will not put you on the spot or single you out in any way. However, some people may come up to you and say hello, shake your hand, and maybe offer to introduce you to others. 

While no church is 'perfect', our church has been commissioned by Christ to tell our message of love and acceptance to those who have never heard.  We're not going to stop reaching out to the isolated, marginalized, or rejected people, until bigotry and hatred are gone from the world. We believe that all people, regardless of whom they love,  the color of their skin, or how they identify themselves, can be in a community of faith,  to  love God without fear or shame, to grow into a beautiful and wonderful individual.

Come to our church. Everyone is Welcome. Love is not exclusive. Grace is required. Forgiveness and reconciliation are possible. 
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Metropolitan Community Church
of Las Vegas
1140 Almond Tree Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone: 702-369-4380

Sunday Services
9 & 11 AM

Hospitality Hour 
Rainbow Room Ste 303 Every Sunday between Services

Ministry Staff

Senior Pastor:
Rev. Robert Fleming

Associate Pastor:
Rev. David Gillentine

Music Ministry Director
Ms. Dolly Coulter

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* John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that God gave the Son, Jesus, that whosoever believes in Jesus, should not perish, but have everlasting life."